History of Stained Glass, Part 2

The history of stained glass is a fascinating one. It's truly amazing how something as functional as glass can be engineered to be living works of art that can stand the sands of time (pardon the pun) and still stand for all of us to enjoy.

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Biblical stories still dominated stained glass in the Renaissance; however, more secular scenes began to be made and told. Also, stained glass began to appear in other buildings more frequently, such as in private residences and in town halls. You will see more expression in the figures as the realism movement took hold. Artists had to paint on these expressions, which were often too far away to even see.


Protestants, which was a growing sect of religion after the breaks with the Catholic Church, did not believe in adornment, decoration, or fancy artwork. Thus, stained glass began to fall out of style. Plus, realism in art took center stage, further pushing stained glass into a decline. Clear glass became the preferred form for new buildings, and with the push towards eradicating Catholicism in England, stained glass pieces were destroyed. Soon, the entire process was on the verge of being forgotten.


Stained glass made a revival in the 19th century with architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright incorporating it into their interior designs. Tiffany Lamps was established, bringing this medium to artificial light as well. People saw the beauty of these old windows and wanted to recreate it. With an interruption of the Great Depression and World War II,stained glass making took a hiatus. However, today it's on the rise again as people see the beauty and the value of stained glass.


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