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Types of Door Hardware

Door hardware is often the unsung heroes of your doors. After all, how are you going to open your door (unless you have a swing door such as in Old West saloons) without door hardware? What about locking your door? And how will you knock? These are all important items to your door that should be considered when you look for a custom glass exterior door.

Abraxis Art Glass & Doors in Fort Collins offers custom interior and exterior doors, as well as glass shower doors and frosted glass interior doors. Your front door is the first thing guests to your home and customers to your business see, so it's important to make a good first impression. Below, we'll go over types of door hardware. Contact us today for a free estimate for your custom glass and door project!



The most important piece of door hardware is the doorknob. These have evolved over the centuries from a simple wooden handle to custom doorknobs made in all shapes and designs. Most doorknobs today are round, lever handle, or a handleset. The materials for doorknobs are endless, coming in any and all types of metal and finishes to truly make your interior or exterior door shine. You can choose from brass, copper, aluminum, and zinc with finishes including chrome, pewter, and nickel.

Another important feature of the doorknob is the lock. Door locks began quite primitively, often with a board that laid across the door and the opening barring people from entering. Soon, however, it became convenient and easy to have the lock inside the doorknob itself. However, if you've ever watched any type of action movie, you'll see doors kicked in quite easily with just a doorknob lock. Thus, a deadbolt was added for better security, which then became an ornament in its own right.

Door Knockers

Door knockers have long been items of sophisticated artistry. The idea took root in ancient Greece where it was considered extremely rude to enter unannounced. Thus, the door knocker was born. Like most things the Greeks invented, the Romans stole the idea. And as the Romans do, so do the rest of the world. The door knocker spread, and soon it took on many forms, the most famous of which is the lion's head, with the most famous door knocker in the world being at 10 Downing Street, the home of the British Prime Minister. The American colonies preferred eagles, and today you can find door knockers ubiquitous across the globe.

Abraxis Art Glass & Doors in Fort Collins loves the tradition of the door knocker despite the fact many people have switched to electronic door bells. Door knockers make great accent pieces and can truly set your door apart from others'. It's a great opportunity to showcase your style as well.

Mail Slots

Mail slots first began as a way to speed the delivery of mail. First encouraged in Britain and later adopted by many Europeans, mail slots typically sit in the lower to middle half of your front door and are covered with a flap for weatherproofing. When the United States instituted home mail delivery, it was ordered that everyone had to have a mailbox or a letter slot to speed the delivery of mail.

Today, by and large, mail slots are now functionally obsolete as most residences are required to have a cluster box unit installed nearby for efficient mail delivery. However, mail slots remain a great way to add style and finesse to your front door and add a historical element to your front door that not many people have.


Ironworks on front doors began as an added means of security. Frequently, you'd find a solid wooden door that was very heavy to move with a wall of iron bars attached to the outside. This definitely made would-be thieves think twice before breaking in. Today, ironworks are more for ornamental use, and beautiful patterns and designs can be created that add an old-world style to modern doors. This type of door hardware looks good for both interior and exterior doors and can create quite the impression upon entry.


Door hardware provides the perfect finish to your custom glass or wood door. They can add pizzazz or bring a classic look. Door hardware is your chance to truly make your custom interior or exterior door sizzle.

Abraxis Art Glass & Doors offers the best custom glass and doors to our customers in Northern Colorado. You can choose from solid wood doors or glass front doors with custom glass. Our glass company offers many door hardware options, so you can have the perfect entrance to your home or business. Create strength, beauty, and unique character with your front door. Contact us today to get started!

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