Welcome to Abraxis Art Glass & Doors!

Welcome to Abraxis Art Glass & Doors! We are a glass company located in Fort Collins that specializes in creating custom glass for your home, office, church, or other building. From stained glass windows to glass shower doors, our expert craftsman can design and create a unique piece of work that will add value and beauty for the ages.

Founded in 1977, our custom glass creations can be found throughout the United States and abroad, including Canada, Switzerland, and Venezuela. We are experts in leaded, stained, beveled, etched, deep carved, and laminated glass. Our passion is to create what you envisioned and beyond, giving you a piece of artwork that you can admire for a lifetime. Below, we'll touch on just a few of our wonderful custom glass services that we offer. Contact our Fort Collins glass company today!


Stained Glass

When people think of stained glass, they immediately think of the stained glass in their local church. Stained glass has indeed been around for centuries, and our glass company honors that tradition by continuing to craft custom stained glass creations for churches and houses of worship of all denominations, as well as stained glass for your home or office. Stained glass is not only beautiful, but it casts sunlight in amazing patterns and offers a warm glow to your area. Whether you're looking for a custom stained glass window or door, our expert glass artists will craft you a one-of-a-kind piece to cherish for years to come.

Stained Glass Restoration

Like everything created and crafted by man, it will wear out. The elements and age take their toll on stained glass, meaning it needs to be repaired and restored in order to maintain its beauty and to prevent further deterioration. Abraxis Art Glass & Doors in Fort Collins offers stained glass repair to bring life back to your old windows or doors. Using a proven restoration process, our expert stained glass repair craftsman uses a meticulous process to remove or repair stained glass and restore its color. Since each piece is different, each stained glass restoration process will be unique to account for that piece's individual needs.

Interior & Exterior Doors

A doorway is an opportunity to make a first impression with your client or your guest that you won't have again. Imagine the different impression made when customers walk up to your stained glass or custom glass door with a beautiful mosaic pattern, or just a common, regular door that is nicely painted. Doors can be artwork themselves, and here at Abraxis Art Glass & Doors in Fort Collins, we do our best to create a custom door you will love. We specialize in interior doors with glass and exterior glass doors. Thus, if you have a door in your home that leads to an office, choose a custom interior door with glass that you can't wait to open and close. Our expert craftsman created stained glass and custom doors to suit your needs.

Glass Shower Doors

You use your shower almost every day of your life. Imagine starting your day off by opening or sliding your glass shower door that has a beautiful flower mosaic pattern that brightens your day, or a stained glass hummingbird hovering over an eye-popping flower. You'll be amazed at the difference you'll see in your life just from the simple act of replacing your glass shower door.

For over 40 years, Abraxis Art Glass & Doors have been creating custom shower doors for homeowners and businesses that both delight and surprise. We've found that the little touches can make a huge difference, and even just a simple etched design that speaks to you can change you entire day around. Our expert craftsman can create whatever your heart desires.

Custom Glass Projects

Abraxis Art Glass & Doors in Fort Collins also offers custom glass design projects for whatever you are looking to create, from glass stairways to glass walls in your office or a sliding glass wall for your studio. Our expert craftsman can create what you need, and the sky's truly the limit. We've created glass display cases, glass shelves, and glass whiteboards. No matter the size of the project, large or small, each project gets our renowned attention to detail.


Abraxis Art Glass & Doors is proud to have been serving Fort Collins for over 40 years. As a family-owned business, we value our customers and love helping them meet a need they have with a beautiful work of art. Truly, our artwork is a labor of love, and we can't imagine doing anything else. Our meticulous attention to detail makes our artwork stand out from the crowd. From custom stained glass to shower doors and more, we've got your custom glass needs covered. Reach out to our glass company today!

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