Why Invest in Custom Shower Doors

Custom glass shower doors are exceedingly beautiful to behold. After all, most likely you use your shower at least once a day, and for many, it's the first thing you see in the morning when you stumble to the bathroom to get ready. A custom glass shower door can not only set your day off right, but it has many benefits as well.

Abraxis Art Glass & Doors in Fort Collins offers the best custom shower doors for your home or business. We use many types of glass and designs to achieve the effect and the look you envision. Below, we'll go over some reasons to invest in custom glass shower doors. Call us to learn more today!


Adds Value to Your Home or Office

When you add in a custom glass shower door, your bathroom takes on a new glow of its own. It can become the focal point of your bathroom and a work of art that you enjoy every day of your life. Many potential homebuyers love to see unique features added to their home, and a custom glass shower door by Abraxis Art Glass & Doors is one way to make your home stand out from the crowd. Thus, it will add monetary value to your home, and it can add aesthetic value to your life.

Are a Perfect Fit

Some shower doors just don't quite fit your shower perfectly. In fact, they may even be leaking, causing a mess on your bathroom floor that you have to clean up after every use. At Abraxis Art Glass & Doors in Fort Collins, we precisely measure your shower down to millimeters in order to ensure a tight fit. For custom steam rooms, we design the custom glass doors to fit perfectly while still allowing the steam room to be used as a shower. You also won't have to deal with squeaky noises any more when you open and close the shower. And if you have a cat who likes to drink out of your shower, they can still be accommodated as well.

Get Rid of Shower Curtains for Good

Shower curtains need to be replaced every so often because they get old and can collect mold and mildew easily. Plus, shower curtains can let in drafts, making a shower a bit colder in the winter than you'd like. While it can be nice to have a fresh scene in your bathroom every now and then, it can also be a pain to have to do. With a custom glass shower door from Abraxis Art Glass & Doors in Fort Collins, you will have a custom glass door that will last the rest of your life, be easy to clean and maintain, and eliminate the need for shower curtains completely. You won't have any major repairs for decades.

Let in the Light

Custom glass shower doors allow more light into your bathroom. With a shower curtain, the light can be blocked out from your shower, making a dreary morning where the rain is coming down even drearier. Instead, with a custom shower door by Abraxis Art Glass & Doors, more light will come into your shower so you can not only see better when you are showering, but also so that you can see your beautiful shower tile as well.

Consider an All Glass Shower Enclosure

One trend Abraxis Art Glass & Doors is seeing more and more is all-glass showers. This eliminates the problems of cleaning tile and grout for good, as well as looks gorgeous in your home. Glass shower doors are more affordable than tile, and with our back painted glass shower walls, you can customize the color and look as well. When you add in our glass protective coating, you'll be amazed at how little maintenance you'll have to do since the oils, soap scum, and water will be more repellant.


Custom glass shower doors have many benefits and advantages to your home or business. They are one way to help your bathroom stand out from the crowd, to make it brighter, and to eliminate leaks. Ultimately though, a custom glass shower door is for you. It can completely transform your morning when you hop into a work of art. It can be the first thing you see in the morning or the last thing at night. Thus, not only are custom shower doors functional, but they are also beautiful.

In addition to the best custom glass shower doors in Northern Colorado, we also offer custom stained glass windows, glass front doors, and glass dividers for offices. From glass staircases to glass shelves, we can help you with your glass project. Contact Abraxis Art Glass & Doors today for a free estimate!

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