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When considering your options for custom glass exterior doors, let Abraxis Art Glass & Doors, Inc. help you find the doors, millwork, and hardware that perfectly suits your custom glass projects' needs. Don't see what you're looking for?

Contact our glass company today to understand the truly endless ways we can customize your entrances. Send us an email here. Please feel free to ask any questions. The options at Abraxis Art Glass & Doors, Inc for the design of your custom glass doors and millwork are as varied as the wood species available to craft them.

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ARTISAN Craftsmanship

Our custom glass doors are functional artwork that will command attention from all who pass by, and will create that expectation of what lies beyond as your guests enter your home. We offer solid wood doors, fiberglass doors, and combinations that include wrought iron and glass: stained, leaded, and etched.

Custom doors can be 1-3/8”- 3” thick and heights of 10’ or greater, and we can provide custom screen doors and gates as well. Our in house door shop will prehang to include doors, sidelites, transoms; may include arched tops, multi-point locking systems, and can be prefinished prior to installation. We also offer an exceptional variety of stock interior and exterior custom glass doors.

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