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Kiln-formed glass is a technique of fusing glass that has been around for 4,000 years. It's basically the technique of putting different types of already formed glass in a kiln and allowing them to fuse together and be shaped into beautiful pieces of art. Abraxis Art Glass & Doors, Inc. offers custom glass countertops, table tops, backsplashes, and more using kiln-formed glass. You can achieve the ultimate customization using this technique, and you can create glass objects in many different colors and styles to meet your needs. Call our Fort Collins-based glass company to get started today!

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At Abraxis Art Glass & Doors, Inc. we work with homeowners, interior designers, and custom builders, producing the finest in custom showers and steam enclosures. The process for designing and enjoying your custom shower door for your bathroom is simple and straightforward. 

Contact Abraxis Art Glass & Doors, Inc. today to let us help take your custom shower door to the next level. Whether you need that quick jolt to wake up, or time to relax and luxuriate after a long day, our exquisite frameless custom glass shower and steam enclosures will answer the call. Each one is custom fit to your environment. 

We precisely measure the openings so the glass can be fabricated to the strictest tolerances. Special circumstances such as confined spaces and handicap access are thoughtfully considered in the custom glass design process.


The custom steam enclosures from Abraxis Art Glass & Doors, Inc. are designed to keep the steam in when needed, but allow for normal showering otherwise. An operable transom to open and close at-will further facilitates drying the tile after use.

Speaking of tile, our back painted glass shower walls virtually eliminate the persistent issues with tile and grout. Custom glass walls are less expensive to install than tile with an infinite pallet of colors to choose from. Cleaning, sealing, and re-grouting, not to mention the hidden water leaks, are things of the past; this is an exciting new alternative that can redefine your bathroom.

Additionally, we offer an amazing protective coating from Diamond Fusion that makes cleaning surfaces a breeze. This application creates a barrier so the custom glass is more repellent to oil and water, making it less likely for soap scum and hard minerals to tarnish the clear finish.

For more details, visit the DFI Solution website. Apply this to your new back painted custom glass walls as well; keeping your custom glass shower clean couldn’t get any easier!