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At Abraxis Art Glass & Doors, Inc. we strive to provide our clients with countless choices to make their home or building as unique and timeless as possible. By providing our customers with access to a wide array of architectural custom glass elements, our final glass products have a level of detail that is hard to match.

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ARTISAN Craftsmanship

Abraxis Art Glass & Doors, Inc will design and fabricate custom glass railings for interior or exterior installations. These custom glass railings are the perfect solution to preserve the vistas from your deck while enjoying that glass of wine and watching the sunset. Clear custom glass stair railings provide unobstructed views inside your home and will create a more expansive feeling that you can’t achieve with traditional balusters.

Glass barn doors, whether clear, frosted, or kiln formed, present an exciting alternative to solid doors that are limited only by your imagination

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  • clevland-clinic-fixed_1_orig.png
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  • september-8-2010-316_orig.jpg
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Architectural Elements

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